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Guess what!

I found people who live in Winnipeg and are Wiccan. This is the most exciting thing. There are like a bunch of them I don't mean to be shallow but I was gettin worried there. Anyway I am having an ok day. I'd just like to take a few minutes to ask some questions and tell ya'll a little more about myself.
I was wondering if anyone knows some really good wiccan books?
I love books I can't get enough of them. My friends say I read to much. *is proud*
I made a new community it's called luna_phoenix. The journal is called bedknobs and broomsticks. * I came up with that one myself* Anyways I was also wondering I'm looking for some feedback on what everyone does for samhien this will be my first year. I know what I'm going to do for the most part but I'd just like to see what everyone else is planning or if you aren't at all?!?
I am really excited especially at the fact that I told my mom that I was a wiccan last week. I was scared shitless that she would laugh in my face. Thank god she didn't. What kind of experiances has everyone had telling there parents, friends and loved ones. Not all of mine have been all that great how was everyone else.
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