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Well yesterday was Malbon. It was a good time. I got to think and I lite my candles and I gave thanks. It was great. Anyway I was just wondering what everyone did? I'm at my moms girlfriends place. She is a very spiritual person I like her a lot. She is really into the celtic stuff. Which is cool. I'm so tired. Energy is at an average today. Although the trees are vibrant with there bit of energy left just before the god dies. You can tell they are preparing for winter I believe it will be long and cold this year. I live in Canada so its cold in the winter. I just saw a leaf fall outside my window. It's really coming. I always get so sad at this time of year, but it's also my fav time. Just wondering. I haven't really had a chance to get my altar started although I've been studying for like a year. I've been doing the rituals to but I've never gotten around to an alter because I live with my aunt and uncle. But I'm moving the day after samhien and I was wondering what kind of things all of you put on your altar.
Blessed Be.
May Artemis and the Keeper Bless.
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I always keep my magical tools on the altar, and I try to have some sort of representation of the goddess and god. Unfortunately I haven't found anything yet that "moves" me, and is affordable. And I have no experience in ceramics. So for now it's just some dragon's blood for one and myrrh for the other. I also keep some more personal items there, like some semiprecious stones that were given to me and a photograph of my daughter and some pinecones.
Oh, yeah, and I change my altar cloth depending on the time of year. From about Mabon to Ostara I tend to have a darker cloth, and come spring it changes to this light chiffony pink thing.
Hope this helps. Really, an altar is generally a collection of symbols of whatever is most meaningful and treasured to you. Being pagan, of course most of the stuff on my altar is very pagan-oriented, but it doesn't have to be.
Maybe a net search on "altar" over one of the pagan search engines would be helpful?